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100-hour TESOL Certificate: This online TESOL course is the best of its kind. Few online TESOL/TEFL schools  have experience delivering advanced courses such as Trinity CertTESOL, TESL Canada, or CELTA. Coventry House International-Ontesol offers more than 10 years of experience delivering the top TESOL courses in the world. We’ve taken the elements from our advanced  Trinity CertTESOL and TESL Canada courses and compiled a standard 100-hour TESOL course that truly teaches trainees how to create professional lesson plans.

250-hour TESOL Diploma: This program covers more than any 4-week TESOL course, including CELTA. We’ve taken Coventry’s 5-week Trinity CErtTESOL and TESL Canada Standard 1 and included more advanced material and assignents. This program is recognized by TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 after a 20-hour Practicum is completed. TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 is offered by some of the most reputable Canadian universities. Coventry House International-Ontesol offers a great level of training for an affordable price.

Honest Job Placement Assistance Service

Ads such as “Guaranteed Jobs” are misleading. None of the top TESOL certification programs, such as CELTA, Trinity, or TESL Canada allow this even when their credentials are highly recognized worldwide, so what guarantees that you can get a job with a less recognized certificate?  Furthermore, research shows that these schools do not have any contacts worldwide and that their certificate is only accepted where you could get a job even without any TESOL / TEFL certification. These language schools are usually cram schools that offer poor employment packages and qualified teachers are recommended to stay away.

Some institutes go as far as charging over $1,000 for job placement services and internships. There are hundreds of reputable recruiters that offer assistance free of charge, so never pay for this service. Furthermore, research shows that these TESOL / TEFL schools offer poor quality jobs that pay half the minimum wage available in such locations, such as China and Thailand.

OnTESOL is very clear about what it offers:

-A job board with current job openings.

-A list of schools, recruiters, and websites.

-Recruitment services in China (EF) and Russia (EF).

Few schools, including CELTA institutes, offer such extensive service free of charge and we are always working to improve our job placement assistance. Find TESOL / TEFL certification reviews by OnTESOL graduates.