Free TESOL / TEFL Recruitment South Korea

FREE EPIK Recruitment! Now hiring teachers for teaching English at public schools in South Korea. Great salary plus free accommodation!

Ontesol is  now accepting applications from native-speakers who have completed a university degree plus an accredited TESOL / TEFL certification program of at least 120 hours (With 20-hour Practicum preferred). Applicants with B.Ed or BA in English but no TESOL / TEFL certification are also welcome to apply.

Request your application via email or use the inquiry form to request more information from an advisor.

Want to learn more about teaching English in South Korea? Two of our graduates have written excellent articles about their experience. Go to Ontesol’s TESOL Expert blogs to find teaching tips, cultural advice, tourism information, and everything you need to know about teaching English in Suth Korea.

TEFL EPIK Recruitment – Getting The Job!

EPIK job TESOL teaching in South KoreaSo you are ready to submit your EPIK application. How can you improve your chances of getting the job?

Get Some Teaching Experience! – EPIK

Get as many teaching hours as possible, even if it means doing some volunteering.  Many community centers in Canada and USA offer free ESL classes to new immigrants. Classroom experience is more valuable than private tutoring or even a 20-hour Practicum. You will need to submit two recommendation letters when applying for the EPIK position, so it is highly recommended to get one of these letters from a manager within the TESOL industry.

Complete Your TESOL Certificate – EPIK

EPIK applicants are required to submit a lesson plan. It is very important to show that you can create a professional lesson plan using the Communicative Approach.  TESOL certification is not required for the job, but having a TESOL certificate of at least 100 hours qualifies successful applicants for an extra pay level, which means $300 extra per month (Approximately, depending on the current exchange rate)!

Learn the Korean Language! – EPIK

Speaking Korean will make your life a lot easier. EPIK teachers are well-taken care of and have lots of free time for visiting natural parks, temples, museums, and having some fun. As beautiful as South Korea is, all TESOL teachers get home sick at one point or another! Becoming familiar with the Korean culture and speaking the language will improve your TESOL experience. EPIK looks for teachers who are qualified, have great personalities, and are willing to explore the Korean culture.

Apply Early! – EPIK

The application opens on the first week of October. Contact your EPIK approved recruiter and submit the application as soon as it opens. If you are interested in applying for a job with EPIK, these are 6 things that you need to know about the application process.

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TESOL Certification With Recruitment

TESOL South Korea Certification and RecruitmentTESOL Certification

OnTESOL’s 100-hour TESOL certificate is the most popular choice for teaching English in South Korea. It is an internationally recognized TESOL certification course that comes with professional tutor support. The TESOL course includes training in grammar, phonology, and methodology. We recommend upgrading to the 120-hour TESOL Certificate with TEYL course for those who want to teach English with EPIK. You can take the extra TEYL module for only $50 if you enroll in the 120-hour TESOL certification course package.

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