Brainstorming Strategies – Teaching Writing Skills

Teach Writing Skills Effectively with these tipsIn the first stage of the composing process, students must generate vocabulary and ideas on the topic of the activity or lesson. This is not only a writing skills strategy; it is what is called building schema: mental pictures of concepts -the terms we need to be able to think, talk about and write on a subject-. In our native language, we consciously and subconsciously accumulate a huge storage bank of topics which have gone into long-term memory and bring them to use subconsciously when we communicate. When we try to function in a second language, we also need these ‘banks’ of concepts to be able to produce our second language with any degree of fluency.

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Teaching writing skillsTeaching writing is very different from teaching other skills. When acquiring a new language, we learn to speak like we learn to walk: through trial and error,  and as we develop the moves and techniques we are soon toddling around. Writing skills are more analogous to learning to play a musical instrument. There is a language that must be learned to be able to read music and specific strategies that must be learned and practiced in order to become proficient. There must also be motivation to learn, a purpose to practice, and students must go through stages in developing specific competencies before proficiency can be achieved. Read more