Assessment and Evaluation in One-to-One Lessons

Testing One-to-One TESOLAssessment and evaluation is not an easy feat when teaching English as a Second Language in general, and it can be even more challenging when teaching one-to-one ESL lessons.

Assessing the student’s level and abilities in a one-to-one lesson can be easier than assessing several students in a larger class since the teacher is in constant contact with one student per lesson. However, sometimes the lack of other students can become a complication if the teacher and the student do not share expectations or benchmarks as a point of reference for the assessments. Keeping the teacher-student relationship as professional as possible is highly recommended to ensure that communicating evaluation results happens as smoothly as possible.

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Class Participation in TESOL: Overcoming Major Obstacles

Class Participation in TESOL Classroom Management Participation in the ESL classroom is indispensable for students to improve their English skills. By increasing student interaction during class you will encourage participation, and students will have a better chance to develop their language skills more successfully.

For most students, their English class is one of the few moments in the day, or the only time, when they have a chance to use their spoken English. If they do not participate, their oral skills fall behind and they lose confidence as time goes by instead of gaining it.   Telling students that participation is beneficial for their language development and improvement is often not enough to motivate them to participate.

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