Creating The Right Atmosphere for One-to-One ESL Lessons

Teaching ESL one-to-one class atmosphereTeaching English to one student is a very different experience from teaching a class full of people. How well you succeed in this depends a lot on the environment in which the lessons take place. As such, it is important that you work together with your student to create a situation that feels right for both of you. Here are some questions to work through with your prospective one-to-one student.

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6 Things to Consider When Teaching English One-to-One

Teaching English One-to-One TESOLAt some point during your teaching career you will probably be approached to give one-to-one classes. In many ways, one-to-one teaching offers benefits to you as the teacher, such as the ability to tailor learning to the specific needs of the student. On the other hand, teaching one-to-one can be physically and mentally exhausting for both you and the student. Here are 6 things that you need to consider when teaching English one-to-one.

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How to Structure a One-to-One ESL Lesson

TESOL one-to-one teachingOne-to-one ESL lessons can be extremely beneficial for students because the teacher pays attention to them all the time and can cater the learning experience to the needs of each student. This article will show you a few things to consider for structuring a one-to-one lesson effectively.

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