Scaffolding Teaching Beginners ESLTeaching Beginners requires skill, experience and compassion. In my opinion, it can be the most challenging of levels, but also the most rewarding. In this article, I am going to be talking about who beginners are, some of their unique challenges and needs as learners, and some strategies that we can use to enhance their learning experiences.

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Authentic material for ESL BeginnersBringing authentic materials into Beginner classrooms is important because this provides exposure to real-world language use.  However, Beginner students can become quickly frustrated with these materials if they find the associated activities too difficult.  When using authentic reading and listening material, consider the following strategies to help Beginner learners grapple with the difficulty of the language.

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Teaching beginners simply the languageSimplifying the way we word the language of instruction, especially when teaching beginners, is very important. As teachers, we have to remember that we are talking to learners of the English language, not to native speakers. The more difficult the words are and the longer and more complex the sentences are, the less our beginner students will understand our instructions, or explanations.

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