How Is Teaching Fluency In Reading And Listening Achieved?

Teaching Receptive Skills Listening and ReadingTeaching receptive skills to gain fluency in reading and listening can present a real challenge for TESOL / TEFL teachers.

As beginning second language learners, it is common to experience that lost feeling when trying to communicate with native speakers. An opening conversation might go well because greetings have been learned and practiced to the point of complete mastery; however, soon something is said too quickly or too many words that are incomprehensible are used and the listener is lost. Too many failed interactions like this are demotivating and often the learner gives up. Similarly, with reading, if the level of language used is too complex, the reading becomes a slog, a laborious process of trying to make meaning. We usually think of fluency as it relates to the productive skills of speaking and writing, but fluency is also an essential component in the receptive skills of listening and reading.

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