Teaching Vocabulary with Dictionaries: Frameworks, Levels, and Activities

How to Improve English Vocabulary with DictionariesIt can be difficult figuring out how to help students improve their English vocabulary once they have become good friends with dictionaries, and have learned to use them as a valuable resource. In this article you will find more English vocabulary games, activities and assignments to challenge your students further.

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Teach ESL Students to Improve Their English Vocabulary with Dictionaries

Teaching Vocabulary with DictionariesHelping students to improve their English Vocabulary can be tricky. There are several reasons why students sometimes seem not to improve or develop their vocabulary. Often, some of these reasons are that they overuse translating dictionaries, or they are in an intermediate level and they have reached a plateau. Other times, students feel like they can get by with what they already know, and they are not challenged enough in class in order to take risks and use new vocabulary.

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