Ontesol has received the application package for the term that starts on February 2013. The application opens on October 4th and candidates should complete it and obtain some of the required documentation before then.

You can apply now even if you have not completed you TESOL course, but you should complete a TESOL course of at least 100 hours before the end of November to improve your chances of getting the job. Starting now, EPK has a new policy that gives priority to candidates who complete a 20-hour in-class Practicum. Ontesol graduates can choose to complete a separate 20-hour Practicum after the TESOL course.

Learn more about Practicum requirements:

EPIK Application:

Applicants can only use one recruiter. Contact us to request your application if you would like Ontesol to help you with recruitment. This service is free of charge. Due to the large number of applicants, Ontesol students are graduates are placed on a priority list.

For more information on work conditions and requirements, visit the EPIK Recruitment page.

Hi trainees!

If you need to show your TESOL certificate before the July 20th deadline and you haven’t completed the course, you need to submit your final assignments as soon as possible. While most EPIK administrators accept an e-copy of the certificate, some have asked for the original TESOL certificate to be sent to their office in Korea before July 20th.

Our Director of Studies will coordinate with your tutor to issue your certificate as soon as you complete the TESOL course, but  you need to pass everything by Monday July 16th for mail to arrive in case that you are required to submit the original print copy.   If you think that you need a few extra days to complete the course, find out if the e-copy is accepted while you wait for the original to arrive. Extra charges  apply  for mailing the certificate via Fed Ex.

Are you TESOL certified? Teach English at public schools in South Korea. EPIK is an English program run by the Ministry of Education. EPIK receives thousands of applications from qualified TESOL teachers for a total of 1,100 positions throughout South Korea. The application for the term that starts on September 2012 will open in April and it is highly recommended to apply early.

Request your application even if you have not completed your TESOL course. Applicants without a TESOL certificate will be required to submit a proof of enrollment letter and must complete the course prior to the application deadline.

Applicants who submit documentation close to the deadline are placed on a waiting list. The Criminal Record Check (CRC) takes approximately 3 months to process, so request your EPIK application early, complete the screening interviews, and obtain the required documentation as soon as possible.

Earn $2,000 per month plus accommodation and other benefits! EPIK applicants must be native speakers from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa, or citizens of South Korea with a proficient level of English. Applicants must have a university degree from an English-speaking country and an internationally recognized 100-hour TESOL certificate or higher qualification. Teaching experience is not required.