Creating Handouts for the ESL Class

creating ESL handoutsEven though there is plenty of material available for ESL teachers, it seems that handouts never fit your classroom 100%. You often find yourself making changes, asking students to complete only one part of a handout and wishing someone would write a book tailored to your class’ needs.

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OnTESOL’s 10th Anniversary!

Ontesol reviews ontesol TESOL certification coursesThis year we celebrate our 10th anniversary! OnTESOL was launched in 2003 to offer high quality TESOL training in an online format. Our first course was a 200-hour TESOL certificate, which was developed using Coventry House International’s 5-week Trinity CertTESOL/TESL Canada Standard 1 syllabus. This course was later upgraded to a 250-hour TESOL Diploma in order to qualify for TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 accreditation. This program has been adopted by many Canadian language schools who trust OnTESOL to train their teachers, and has gained great popularity throughout the world, especially in countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Germany,  and United Arab Emirates.

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