Using Authentic Material in TESOL: Task-Based Lesson Using Video

Task-Based TESOL with authentic materialWhy replace the textbook with authentic material? Authentic material is the most interesting kind of material for English language learners since it shows how the language is used in everyday interactions. Nowadays, most ESL students have already come into contact with some kind of authentic material either through music, the Internet, television, movies and other media, so to be able to understand the language used in day to day media is usually one of their goals. Using challenging authentic material in the ESL class will motivate students to continue in their learning process and help to liven up your class.

In this article, I am going to show you a sample plan based on a short clip of an episode of Friends. The episode is number 6 from season 5, and the clip can be found online on YouTube or it can be purchased as well.

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