Learn how to teach English with a TESOL certification courseA TESOL certification by OnTESOL will prepare you for a lucrative teaching career all over the world. We have been around for over 12 years! Our Advanced TESOL Diploma made OnTESOL a world-renowned institute. We are known all over the world for offering the most comprehensive training and preparing teachers for a successful career. Having OnTESOL on your certificate shows employers that you know how to teach English using the most effective methods. Our courses will provide you with professional training to help you become a reflective and independent teacher. When you have the skills to create a full curriculum based on customized lesson plans that meet your students’ needs, you can pursue career advancement opportunities as a school director, a university professor, or even open your own school. Contact us to find out how OnTESOL will help you to become a successful teacher. Below you will find sample videos and free TESOL articles on how to teach English!

Learn How to Teach English for Free Before You Enroll in a TESOL Course!

The following section will guide you through our How to Teach English blog, which provides free TESOL training on the most important topics covered in our TESOL courses. Avoid taking a weekend seminar or a TESOL / TEFL course with an organization that is not recognized by one of the three major international accrediting bodies (TESL Canada, CELTA, or Trinity CertTESOL)! Our free How to Teach English blog provides more training than the introductory TESOL / TEFL courses offered by other organizations.  Get free introductory TESOL training and then register in an accredited TESOL certificate course with OnTESOL!

What Are the Most Important Topics That Should Be Covered in a TESOL Certification Course?

1- Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary Using The Communicative Approach

The Communicative Approach is the most effective method for teaching English grammar and vocabulary because students learn to use the English language in real-life situations. Below you will find a video on how to teach grammar using the communicative approach and sample lesson plans by OnTESOL graduates. Pay attention to the differences between structure and function to see for yourself why the Communicative Approach is the most effective method for teaching grammar!

Sample Lesson Plan: Present Perfect Lesson Plan by OnTESOL Graduate

Read: How to Introduce New Vocabulary

2- Creating Lesson Plans

Free TESOL training on how to teach English abroadYour OnTESOL course will teach you how to create professional lesson plans so every activity and resource that you choose meets a linguistic goal. A good lesson plan will help you avoid the boring textbook and develop a curriculum that meets your students’ needs. If you want to teach English in a boutique language school, knowing how to create lesson plans will help you get your dream job!

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Read: Compare OnTESOL with TEFL Online by the University of Toronto

3- Teaching Integrated Skills

Teaching English is about teaching communication skills! The advanced TESOL courses offered by OnTESOL will teach you how to integrate grammar and vocabulary lessons with reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills so your students learn to use the English language like a native-speaker!

Read: Are You Teaching or Testing Listening Skills?

4- Using Authentic Material

In today’s society, people are in constant contact with media. We write emails, text our friends, read the news, listen to songs, watch TV and movies, and read books on a daily basis. A lot of this media is in English and your students want to be connected with the world. Using authentic material is key for supplementing the boring ESL textbook. Teaching English using authentic material will help your students use English in context and also motivate them to come to your class!

Sample Lesson Plan: Phrasal Verbs Lesson Plan Using a TV Show

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5- Teaching Pronunciation

Very few teachers dedicate their class to pronunciation. This may be because very few TESOL / TEFL courses provide a comprehensive phonology module. The video and articles provided below will show you why teaching intonation and pronunciation are a very important part of teaching English.

Read: Pronunciation Activities: From Mechanical Practice to Spontaneous Conversations

6- Evaluating and Testing

Ongoing evaluation is an important part of being an independent and reflective teacher. Our advanced TESOL courses include a full chapter dedicated to evaluating and testing ESL students. Below you will find some free articles on evaluating and testing.

Read: Writing Effective Tests for ESL Students

Read: Preparing Grammar and Vocabulary Tests

7- Specialist Modules

OnTESOL is also a leader in Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching IELTS, and Teaching Business English. Our specialist courses are offered at a huge discount (50% OFF) when you register in one of the TESOL plus specialist package. Register today with OnTESOL to learn how to teach English and qualify for lucrative teaching jobs worldwide!




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