5 Ways to Help Students Do Well on English Speaking Tests

 The IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, OPI English proficiency are designed to gauge a person’s skills using English as a language. Much emphasis is placed on the speaking element of these tests by our students. That is because they discover that reading, writing, and even listening at times can be studied on their own. However, one element many lack is the confidence to use English when conversing. In my own experience over the years, I have repeatedly encountered people who dread the speaking tasks of these tests. That is because despite having knowledge of lexis, structure, and pronunciation, they find it difficult to put it all together when speaking. So, they come to us for help. Some ways that you can help them face and do better in the speaking tests follow. Read more

10 Ways To Give Feedback in English Conversation Classes

A teacher may have one of the best lessons of all time prepared, but without providing feedback, learner development can only go so far. Feedback in the context of TESOL is providing information to improve English language use. This information can be grammatical, lexical, or phonetic. When a dull pencil does not produce fine print, […]

How to Teach Gerunds and Infinitives

How to Teach Gerunds and InfinitivesGerunds — Parts of speech, but not quite. They are a verb but act like a noun as part of the subject or object of a sentence. It is no wonder this grammatical structure is so confusing for students to understand and even trickier for many ESL teachers to teach! This post will offer a clearer explanation of their function and further resources for how to teach these structures with ease.

-All our TESOL courses include a comprehensive grammar module!-

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