Teach English in Canada and abroad with OnTESOLLooking for a reputable TESOL certification course to teach English abroad and in Canada? Teach English worldwide with a TESOL Diploma from Coventry House International-Ontesol.

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TESOL Certification Dubai UAE A large number of experienced teachers go to the UAE every year to teach English and other subjects. Most teachers hold a MA degree in Education,  teaching license, or related qualification, plus years of experience teaching at public schools in the United States or Canada. Few of them have any experience teaching English and most lack proper TESOL training, which is crucial for learning to teach English using the latest and most effective methods in Communicative Language Teaching.

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TESOL South Korea Certification and RecruitmentTESOL Certification

OnTESOL’s 100-hour TESOL certificate is the most popular choice for teaching English in South Korea. It is an internationally recognized TESOL certification course that comes with professional tutor support. The TESOL course includes training in grammar, phonology, and methodology. We recommend upgrading to the 120-hour TESOL Certificate with TEYL course for those who want to teach English with EPIK. You can take the extra TEYL module for only $50 if you enroll in the 120-hour TESOL certification course package.

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Hi trainees!

If you need to show your TESOL certificate before the July 20th deadline and you haven’t completed the course, you need to submit your final assignments as soon as possible. While most EPIK administrators accept an e-copy of the certificate, some have asked for the original TESOL certificate to be sent to their office in Korea before July 20th.

Our Director of Studies will coordinate with your tutor to issue your certificate as soon as you complete the TESOL course, but  you need to pass everything by Monday July 16th for mail to arrive in case that you are required to submit the original print copy.   If you think that you need a few extra days to complete the course, find out if the e-copy is accepted while you wait for the original to arrive. Extra charges  apply  for mailing the certificate via Fed Ex.

For years, people on TEFL forums have said that CELTA is the better than any online TESL course because it has a classroom component. When the arguments that the Theory and Methodology of TESOL could be learned equally or better online and that a 20-hour Practicum could take place anywhere in the world were presented, CELTA advocates could not explain why they continued to defend the $2,400 on-site program. Now that CELTA launched CELTA Online, how is it justified to spend over $2000 on an online 120-hour TESOL course? There are many alternatives to CELTA that are well recognized worldwide.

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Looking for quality TESOL jobs?

Ontesol is a proud sponsor of the following TESOL job boards:

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TEFL Recruitment Network– Find reputable recruiters from Asia and the Middle East

Ontesol provides free recruitment service for EPIK. Teach English at public schools in South Korea.

Gold Star TEFL Recruitment provides free job placement in China for some of the largest schools, including Disney English, Wall Street English, and English First.

Skyline Global Solutions provides recruitment services for university and private institute positions in Saudi Arabia.


Qualify for TESOL jobs worldwide with an accredited TESOL certificate. Online TESOL courses recognized by ACTDEC UK and TESL Canada.