EPIK: Passed The Interview? Now It’s Crunch Time!

EPIK Interview Application HelpCongratulations! You passed the interview with EPIK! Now, passing the interview does not mean that you got the job. Your documents have to get to South Korea before the application deadline before EPIK sends you the contract.  The deadline may be a few months ahead, but do not fall asleep! There are many applicants and jobs are filled on a first come, first serve basis.   You have to send all the required documents to your EPIK recruiter as soon as possible in order to avoid being placed on the waiting list. In general, positions get filled three weeks before the deadline and those on the waiting list may travel to South Korea a few months later than expected, if they get to travel at all.

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Teach English in South Korea – EPIK Public School Jobs

EPIK Teach English in South KoreaTeach English in South Korea with EPIK. Apply early!  Download the application form and send it via e-mail to EPIK’s coordinator (See e-mail address below).


Are you interested in teaching abroad and gaining valuable teaching experience? Are you eager to work abroad in a safe and rewarding work environment with competitive benefits? EPIK (The English Program in Korea), a division of the Korean Ministry of Education is currently inviting qualified candidates to apply for our Spring 2015 teaching positions. EPIK provides all applicants with support 100% of the way, making it easy for teachers to make the transition to working and living abroad.

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Free TESOL Recruitment: Teach English in Hong Kong!

Teach English in Hong Kong! Private and public school jobs available.  Coventry House International and Ontesol are now offering free recruitment services to all our TESOL certified teachers who meet the following requirements:

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Teach Business English on Trains

This language program is so unique that we had to write an article about it! SpeakWrite English is a company in France that offers business English lessons on commuter trains to Paris. The company hires experienced teachers to offer English lessons to small groups of business professionals 4 to 5 times per week.

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Happy TEFL! (Video)

Undecided about your next TEFL / TESOL destination? Take a look at the Happy Planet Index (HPI), an alternative economic index to GDP, which measures countries’ overall well-being, including health and happiness.

At the top of the list is Costa Rica, a country that enjoys both a free market economy and responsible government.  Many of our TESOL certificate graduates go to Costa Rica because there are many job opportunities, it’s close to home for US and Canadian teachers, and teachers can spend their weekends visiting paradisaical beaches, waterfalls, and rain forests. Furthermore, the people are very friendly and the food is amazing!

Vietnam ranks in second position, mainly due to the low ecological footprint, which is 1.39 hectares per capita. Being one of the East Asian Tigers, Vietnam’s low ecological footprint shows the great level of efficiency and productivity that the country has achieved.  As in Costa Rica, Vietnam enjoys beautiful natural places and the people are very nice. This wonderful country is also one of the top TESOL destinations chosen by our graduates!

Other countries from the list of top TESOL destinations are Argentina, which ranks number 17 in the HPI, Chile (19-HPI), and Thailand (20-HPI). Countries like Japan (45-HPI) and Germany (46-HPI) have large and professionally run TESOL industries. Respectively, ESL teachers enjoy the highest standard of living in all of East Asia and Europe, but it is interesting to see that these rich countries rank lower in the Happy Planet Index than many other developing countries.

Learn more about the Happy Planet Index! Watch this video or search Happy Planet Index on Wikipedia. The HPI is a great topic for a class discussion and there are plenty of authentic materials that qualified TESOL teachers can use in their ESL classroom!




Teaching English in Thailand – TESOL Job Boards, Salary Information, Recruitment Agencies, and More

TEFL jobs ThailandThailand is a very popular TESOL destination for young university graduates looking for a gap-year adventure.  The weather is warm, the people are friendly, and the country is home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. A vacation in Thailand is very expensive and teaching English in Thailand is the best way to experience this wonderful country. As for TESOL jobs, there are many things you should consider before signing a contract in Thailand:

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3 Biggest TEFL Job Scams and Myths

TEFL job scams TEFL recruitment scamsMany TEFL institutes and recruiters engage in unethical practices that cost teachers hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Here are the most common TEFL job scams in the industry:

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Over 25 New TESOL Jobs!

Access the job board now from your student account and find over 25 new TESOL jobs in China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Poland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Chile, and Mexico. Teach English abroad with OnTESOL!

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TESOL Jobs in Japan – Recruiters Interviewing in USA, Canada, UK, and Australia!

TESOL jobs JapanJapan is one of the best countries to find an entry-level ESL job. You don’t even have to move there to apply for jobs because the schools come to you! In this article, OnTESOL reviews the best employers in Japan.

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