Teaching English With Little to No Technology

How to Teach English Using Less Resources  Throughout your career teaching English,  you are often exposed to technology used to deliver your lessons. Some technology can even run on autopilot these days. You prepare lessons using videos, podcasts, and images that your students finds interesting.

You adhere to pedagogical methodologies using technology to engage your learners. However, there is one critical component missing…the classroom you are now walking into does not have access to the technology you are used to. In fact, the only technology they do have (a computer) is dedicated to the admin office!

You have just stepped through a time warp from modern technology and teaching conveniences into a world where there are no classroom computers, projector screens, podcasts, YouTube, PowerPoint, iPods, iPads, or other electronic teaching aids that we often take for granted.

In fact, all you can see in your classroom is a whiteboard, chairs, windows, and four walls. What do you do now? What is your Plan B? Here are a few fallback ideas for teaching in situations with little to no technology that may help you gain confidence in such situations.

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Pros and Cons of Teaching English with Technology: It’s About Authentic Communication!

Teaching English with technology As a new teacher in Toronto, I have worked at a few of the city’s top language schools and I have had the chance to work with both textbooks and technology. Here’s my view on the pros and cons of using technology in the classroom and how teachers can provide the best service to their students.

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How to Use the Board at Different Stages of a Communicative Lesson

Using the board in a communicative ESL lessonThe board remains one of the most useful tools for teaching English. In this article, you will learn how to use the board in a communicative lesson!

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Using the Board in the ESL Classroom

Using the board in the ESL classroomAlthough there are numerous visual aids that the modern ESL teacher can use in the classroom (Smart Whiteboards, overhead projectors, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), the board is still an effective and valuable teaching tool that can be used in many different ways at different stages in a lesson. Even in classes where the teacher uses a PowerPoint presentation or any other type of technology, there could be a need for jotting down some words on the spot to show spelling or pronunciation, or simply for underlining some key concepts on the board.

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8 Ways to Use Wikis in the ESL Classroom

Use Wikis in the ESL classroomA class wiki can be a never-ending source of material and motivation for your students. Sometimes, shy students flourish when they are given the chance to ‘voice’ their thoughts and opinions with wikis, and once their confidence is boosted and they get recognition for their collaboration, they find that participating orally in class is easier. Other times, students who often ‘over-participate’ in class find their outlet on the wiki and then tend to give others a chance as well once back in the classroom.

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Why Use Wikis in the ESL Class

Nowadays keeping students interested in class can be a bit of a challenge. As teachers, we find ourselves competing – so to speak – with the students’ ubiquitous cellphones and never ending distractions. Often students would rather be checking their Facebook accounts or sitting in front of the computer surfing the net, rather than doing the homework assigned for their ESL class or reading a book in English so as to practice and improve their language skills. One very effective way to increase students’ interest in your class and their daily interaction with the language is to create a wiki and have students collaborate in it.

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Using the Internet in TESOL: Video, Task-Based Learning, Apps, and More!

Using the internet in TESOLThere are many reasons for making use of the internet in TESOL. More and more people are doing a great percentage of their daily business on the web. It is an environment they are comfortable navigating, and one that they’re using English all the time. It doesn’t make sense any longer to leave it out of their learning program. Furthermore, the internet provides endless quantities of authentic language resources, all available within seconds. Internet materials like videos, forums and new sites are fun, rich and dynamic in ways textbooks so often are not. Last, teaching English while students use the web provides opportunities for more independent learning; you are giving them skills that they can use forever.

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The Web in the ESL Classroom – Teaching English with Technology

Using technology in the ESL classroom - Internet in the ESL classroomToday, teachers around the world are able to access Internet technology for use in the language classroom.  The availability and variety of internet-based resources for language study increases on a daily basis.

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