We’ve been writing a lot about online classes lately since that’s become the trend in 2020. More time at home has equated to more people investing their time and budgets toward self-improvement or professional development. In past blogs, we discussed how you can be better prepared for interviews with online ESL teaching companies, how you can submit a practical resume to these same companies, how to engage learners in online lessons, how to teach elderly students online, and even how to gain first-timers in your online classes. Today, we’re going to continue our online teaching tips for 2020 by showing you how you can keep students coming back. 

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How to Impress First Time ESL StudentsAs online ESL teaching has become more common over the past years; almost exponentially so in 2020, students have more choices. With their choice of teachers and companies, students need to be able to see something different in you and how you manage the class. Moreover, if you want to keep them, they’ll need to see what they can gain from your lessons. Today’s blog will show you how to get those first-time students to stay with you. Read more

Online English Teaching is on the riseDue to the rapid spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, most industries, if not all, have shifted from physical operations to online setups. 

Within just a few months, the outbreak has affected at least 185 countries and 10.4 million individuals all around the world. To slow down and contain the spread of the virus, several regions from different nations called for lockdowns and travel bans. Governments around the world prohibited large physical gatherings, physical stores and establishments closed, and public transportation halted. People were forced to stay at home and, as a result, economic activities significantly reduced. Read more

Just as people are learning English from home, so too, companies are hiring ESL teachers to work from home. As home-based online ESL teaching jobs become increasingly more common, companies are giving a lot of effort to recruit and screen new hires. One of the first places this begins is with your resume. In today’s blog, we’ll show you how to prepare a resume that shines brighter than others. So, continue reading to learn more about what you should be focusing on and highlighting in your ESL teacher resume. Read more

How to prepare for an online teaching interviewAs online teaching has become increasingly more popular and convenient, the demand for good quality teachers is rising. You can cover quality training with a certificate course from OnTESOL, but the interviewing part is something you’ll need to work on to get the job. But, we’ve prepared a few tips below on how you can be better prepared for an interview with an online ESL company for a home-based ESL teaching position. Read more

How to Teach English to The Elderly OnlineWith so much emphasis in the ESL industry on teaching young learners. It might be time for us to consider teaching older people. They may not always be the students we want to teach, but they are still customers just the same. And, they’re still fellow humans with hopes, dreams and aspirations. So, if we’re not thinking of how to serve them better, we may lose them.

It may not happen often, but if you teach adults online for long, you’ll probably encounter a lesson with elderly folks—people over 65, and even in their 80s, and possibly 90s (yes, I’ve taught such classes). In my experience, teaching seniors isn’t uncommon. And what I’ve noticed, is that they need a little more care than the average student. They can come across as shy, quiet, and non-participative, perhaps because we fail to realize the dynamics involved with teaching them.

Our blog today will give you a few pointers on how to manage elderly students in your online ESL classes. These tips are not meant to stereotype older learners but to be used as general rules of practice when teaching them. Read more

ESL teacher's experience teaching English onlineAs far back as I can remember I had a passion for the intricacies of the English language. I think my ‘love affair’ with the English language began when my first-grade teacher invited me to become a ‘reading helper’. It was in this position that I helped my peers gain confidence and competence in phonics and then onto basic reading mechanics.

About The Author: Deena Reved is a graduate of OnTESOL’s 250-hour TESOL diploma. She is currently teaching English online with Rorixwell.

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Remaining Patient in the Online ESL ClassroomRaise your hand if you have ever lost your cool while teaching English online. I am probably the first one to put my hand up when it comes to this. Being impatient with a student is not my proudest moment, but I know there is much to learn from it. Read on to find my top tips for keeping your cool in the online ESL classroom. 

About the Author: Manuela Stef is currently teaching English online with a Chinese ESL company. She graduated from OnTESOL’s 250-hour TESOL diploma , Teaching IELTS, Teaching Young Learners and Teaching Business English Course. Read more

Online ESL Group ClassesSome people may associate online ESL classes with one-on-one tutoring, but group classes are also a thing. Online group classes are an effective way to capitalize on time and finances, so some online ESL companies offer them. Group classes can be anywhere from three to eight class members or more. But you may be more familiar with private tutorials than group classes you might be thinking, “how do I manage a group class?” In today’s blog, we’ll give you a few tips on how to do it. Read on to know more. Read more

How to Choose the Best Online ESL companyTeaching ESL is growing tremendously. In terms of ESL learners in China alone, one study shows that 100,000 English teachers are needed there; countries such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, and Italy are also following in demand. The British Council estimates that there are approximately 1.125 billion English as foreign or second language speakers. With student ages starting as low as three years old, limited access to physical schools, and the proliferation of internet users, online ESL teachers are needed to fill the gaps.

A number of well-established online companies are growing during this time while others are sprouting up. But what should you be aware of before deciding to teach English online? Today’s blog will give you a little more information to help you make the right decision. And we’ve broken the question down into three categories: pay, stability, and scheduling. Read more