Remaining Patient in the Online ESL ClassroomRaise your hand if you have ever lost your cool while teaching English online. I am probably the first one to put my hand up when it comes to this. Being impatient with a student is not my proudest moment, but I know there is much to learn from it. Read on to find my top tips for keeping your cool in the online ESL classroom. 

About the Author: Manuela Stef is currently teaching English online with a Chinese ESL company. She graduated from OnTESOL’s 250-hour TESOL diploma , Teaching IELTS, Teaching Young Learners and Teaching Business English Course. Read more

Online ESL Group ClassesSome people may associate online ESL classes with one-on-one tutoring, but group classes are also a thing. Online group classes are an effective way to capitalize on time and finances, so some online ESL companies offer them. Group classes can be anywhere from three to eight class members or more. But you may be more familiar with private tutorials than group classes you might be thinking, “how do I manage a group class?” In today’s blog, we’ll give you a few tips on how to do it. Read on to know more. Read more

How to Choose the Best Online ESL companyTeaching ESL is growing tremendously. In terms of ESL learners in China alone, one study shows that 100,000 English teachers are needed there; countries such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, and Italy are also following in demand. The British Council estimates that there are approximately 1.125 billion English as foreign or second language speakers. With student ages starting as low as three years old, limited access to physical schools, and the proliferation of internet users, online ESL teachers are needed to fill the gaps.

A number of well-established online companies are growing during this time while others are sprouting up. But what should you be aware of before deciding to teach English online? Today’s blog will give you a little more information to help you make the right decision. And we’ve broken the question down into three categories: pay, stability, and scheduling. Read more

three yellow orange and black toy sticks 1329305 300x200 - Teaching Props You Need to Have in Your Online ESL ClassroomWhen I was getting ready to pass my interview and demo class, I watched as many YouTube videos as I could. All those videos revolved around the same theme: how to pass the demo and get the job. Another common theme among the videos was using props in the ESL classroom. All the videos recommended having a plenty of props and using them as much as possible during the demo. In addition, before I even watched any videos, my recruiter highly encouraged me to get props for my classroom. They said it would increase my chances of getting hired and achieving a higher base pay. 

About the Author: Manuela Stef currently teaches English online. She is a graduate of OnTESOL’s 250-hour TESOL diploma, Teaching IELTS, Teaching English to Young Learners and Teaching Business English

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woman in black and white polka dots dress sitting by the 3783839 1 300x194 - 4 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Teaching English OnlineWhen I started working as an online ESL teacher, I had no doubt in my abilities to handle any situation that may arise in the virtual classroom. If I could go back in time and give myself one piece of advice, it would be: nothing can prepare you for the job because there is no way to predict what will happen.  There are plenty of other pieces of advice I would’ve given myself, however.  Read on to find out what they are.

About the Author: Manuela Stef is currently teaching ESL online. She is a graduate of OnTESOL’s 250-hour TESOL diploma, Teaching IELTS course, Teaching Business English course and Teaching English to Young Learners course.

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woman using macbook 4064176 200x300 - 10 Tips to Manage Low-Level Learners in Online ClassesTeaching low-level learners can be a challenging task in a traditional classroom. It can be even more daunting when you’re in an online ESL teaching environment.

What do we mean by low-level learners? These are learners that can be classified under ACTFL Guidelines as Novice learners, or under the CEFR as A1 users. Whatever classification system you use (and there are many out there), the bottom line is, in terms of speaking, low-level ESL learners are those who:

  • May produce unintelligible pronunciation at times.

  • Need significant time to express themselves in familiar topics.

  • Cannot engage in conversational activities.

  • Cannot speak beyond predictable topics and responses.

  • Speak with isolated words or phrases, but not in complete thoughts.

  • Difficult to understand unless effort is made.

  • Are not functional with basic grammar rules.

  • Can be somewhat tiring to interact with.

As you can see from these general points, it would be a challenge to have an ESL lesson with one or a group of low-level learners. However, we have a few tips to help you manage such classes and help your students and you walk away with a sense of satisfaction. Read more

Teaching to Beginner ESL to Young Learners online
Some online ESL companies allow teachers to decide whether they want to take on beginner students. Most of the time, there are students who are not able to say more than a word or two.  I personally do not have an issue with teaching beginners because I built my regular student (RS) clientele more easily that way. The issue that often comes with having beginner ESL learners, however, is that they have trouble staying engaged and participating in class. I have therefore developed a multitude of tricks that I use in class to keep them from getting bored.

Manuela Stef is currently teaching English online. She graduated from OnTESOL’s 250-hour TESOL diploma, Teaching Business English , Teaching IELTS and Teaching Young Learners specialist courses. 

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Mental Health Tips for Online English TeachersWorking remotely has been a dream of mine for many years. I recently relocated back to Canada after living and working abroad for several years. I decided that it was time to pursue my passion for teaching. In doing so, I have been able to make my dream a reality and enhance my work-life balance. I finally have time to pursue other passions such as setting up my online vintage shop and taking up kickboxing.

However, working from home does come with its challenges. Not having any coworkers to speak to can be challenging, especially if you are used to working in an office role, like myself. It is also easy to fall into bad health habits. Eating too much or too little, lack of movement and fresh air can have a huge impact on productivity. It is important to be aware of these pitfalls and get ahead of them before they become a habit. Over the last year, I have learned a few tips that keep me feeling motivated and ready to take on the day.

Lauren Fragomeni is a graduate of OnTESOL’s 120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate and our 20-hour Teaching IELTS specialist course. She currently teaches online privately and with iTutor Group.

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How to enunciate while teaching English onlineWith the boom of online ESL teaching, a lot of companies are looking for qualified ESL teachers. While some teachers are excellent in the traditional classroom, they may find it a little awkward at first teaching in an online setting. There are a few tricks of the trade that you can either learn beforehand or through experience. In the next few blogs, we’ll share some tips for online teaching from experience, to save you a little time. These ideas will help you stand out in a rather large crowd these days.

First, we’ll start with one important element in every online teacher’s toolbox: your speech. The following points will help you learn how to use your voice in more productive ways than simply sharing information alone. Read more