Authentic Speaking and Listening Activities for One-to-One ESL Lessons

Teaching ESL One-to-One speaking and listening activitiesOne of the disadvantages of a one-to-one ESL lesson is not having other classmates with whom to practice, which limits their interaction to solely the teacher or instructor.

In fact, one of the most common challenges teachers face is being able to provide their students with authentic practice that will truly prepare them to interact with an English-speaking world. This challenge becomes even more complex once you take into account that these classes often do not take place in English-speaking countries.

Nevertheless, a resourceful teacher can overcome these difficulties providing authentic speaking and listening activities.

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Assessment and Evaluation in One-to-One Lessons

Testing One-to-One TESOLAssessment and evaluation is not an easy feat when teaching English as a Second Language in general, and it can be even more challenging when teaching one-to-one ESL lessons.

Assessing the student’s level and abilities in a one-to-one lesson can be easier than assessing several students in a larger class since the teacher is in constant contact with one student per lesson. However, sometimes the lack of other students can become a complication if the teacher and the student do not share expectations or benchmarks as a point of reference for the assessments. Keeping the teacher-student relationship as professional as possible is highly recommended to ensure that communicating evaluation results happens as smoothly as possible.

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Creating The Right Atmosphere for One-to-One ESL Lessons

Teaching ESL one-to-one class atmosphereTeaching English to one student is a very different experience from teaching a class full of people. How well you succeed in this depends a lot on the environment in which the lessons take place. As such, it is important that you work together with your student to create a situation that feels right for both of you. Here are some questions to work through with your prospective one-to-one student.

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One-to-One Activities: Teaching Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading Skills

TEFL certification one-to-one articleOne-to-one ESL students can also learn and practice all language skills. This article will show you some ideas, activities, and tools for teaching English one-to-one effectively.

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Using Technology in One-to-One ESL Lessons

One-to-One TESOL Using TechnologyThanks to current technological advancements, planning and delivering one-to-one ESL lessons has become easier than ever. A simple laptop with an Internet connection opens up a plethora of material and activities that engage the student and create memorable lessons.

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6 Things to Consider When Teaching English One-to-One

Teaching English One-to-One TESOLAt some point during your teaching career you will probably be approached to give one-to-one classes. In many ways, one-to-one teaching offers benefits to you as the teacher, such as the ability to tailor learning to the specific needs of the student. On the other hand, teaching one-to-one can be physically and mentally exhausting for both you and the student. Here are 6 things that you need to consider when teaching English one-to-one.

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How to Structure a One-to-One ESL Lesson

TESOL one-to-one teachingOne-to-one ESL lessons can be extremely beneficial for students because the teacher pays attention to them all the time and can cater the learning experience to the needs of each student. This article will show you a few things to consider for structuring a one-to-one lesson effectively.

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TESOL One-to-One Private Tutoring

Teaching English one-to-one ESL tutoringThere are many opportunities for one-to-one ESL tutors, and having some idea of the differences between group classes and one-to-one teaching can help you decide if this is something you want to pursue.

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