TEFL South Korea EPIK Recruitment Now Open

Ontesol has received the application package for the term that starts on February 2013. The application opens on October 4th and candidates should complete it and obtain some of the required documentation before then.

You can apply now even if you have not completed you TESOL course, but you should complete a TESOL course of at least 100 hours before the end of November to improve your chances of getting the job. Starting now, EPK has a new policy that gives priority to candidates who complete a 20-hour in-class Practicum. Ontesol graduates can choose to complete a separate 20-hour Practicum after the TESOL course.

Learn more about Practicum requirements:

EPIK Application:

Applicants can only use one recruiter. Contact us to request your application if you would like Ontesol to help you with recruitment. This service is free of charge. Due to the large number of applicants, Ontesol students are graduates are placed on a priority list.

For more information on work conditions and requirements, visit the EPIK Recruitment page.

EPIK Support Group For TESOL Graduates

Congratulations! You are one of 1100 teachers who is going to South Korea in August. EPIK receives over 7000 applications every semester so we know how happy you feel!

Ontesol is forming a support group for all TESOL graduates who are going to start orientation in August.

You’ll meet lots of teachers from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and South Korea anyway, but you might want to meet people beforehand. It’ll be a month until you get there and you are probably very anxious already.

We will create a support group on your Moodle student account so you can share links with information, pictures, cultural advice, and maybe practice some Korean!

TEFL Recruitment in China

OnTESOL  provides free recruitment services in China. Native speakers who hold a university degree and a TESOL certificate are welcome to apply. Teaching experience is not required!

English First has language schools in China’s biggest cities. Apply now to teach English in China!

There are over 30 different cities to choose from! The average salary is 8000 RMB per month, which is almost twice as much as what the majority of schools offer in China. Accommodation, work visa, and other benefits are also provided.

You can also apply for English teaching jobs China via Reach to Teach recruiting.


Ontesol in 2012

2011 has been a great year for ESL teachers. Over 300,000 TESOL graduates are currently teaching English worldwide! Even during the never-ending recession, there are plenty of jobs available and schools are offering better packages than ever.

Stricter requirements for TESOL certification are motivating teachers to take a reputable TESOL course. As a result, ESL teachers are enjoying their career more than ever.

Our graduates know that TESOL is not just about certification. Lesson planning  is about being prepared, unleashing your creativity, and becoming better communicators of important life values.

It’s been almost a decade since Coventry House International launched Ontesol and we are proud to see how much we have grown since 2003. Nine years ago it was unthinkable for an online TESOL institute to surpass CELTA in quality. Through hard work and dedication, Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma has become one of the most popular courses in Canada and the World.

Ontesol is always looking to offer more than the features required by our accrediting organizations. This year we created more resources, hired more tutors, expanded our free job placement service, and established more partnerships worldwide than ever.

Next year we will continue to push our limits with our trainees, their students, and the whole ESL industry in mind.

Happy 2012!