Teaching Integrated Skills Through a Group Dictation

Teaching ESL integrated skills with dictationHow to Set up a Group Dictation? – Teaching Integrated Skills

Choose or create a short written passage that is level-appropriate for the students. This passage could be used as a create interest opening to the theme of a new lesson, or as a review of some grammatical feature or vocabulary. This is an activity that forces students to read, speak, listen to and write longer chunks of language so they should not be hindered by unfamiliar language.

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Picture Description as an Information Gap Activity

Information Gap ESL Activity In the previous blog post, I wrote about how an information gap activity like ‘Spot the Difference’ allows teachers to integrate all language skills and even teach a grammar point using the Communicative Approach. This article will show you how to use ‘Picture Description’ to teach English effectively.

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Information Gap Activity: Spot The Difference

Information Gap Teaching English TEFLTwo types of information gap activities that work well for all levels to practice using descriptive language are ‘Spot the Difference’ and ‘Picture Description’. The use of descriptive language is a skill that is required for exam writing as well as speaking tests at all levels. These activities integrate all language skills with different grammatical features as focus.

The first part of this blog series will describe ‘Spot the Difference’. You will learn about the language skills used in this activity, potential language aims, and how to set up this communicative activity.

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Teaching Integrated Skills: Halloween in the ESL Classroom

Teach English Halloween TESOLOctober 31st is a fun and important date around the English-speaking world. It is also a great opportunity for English language learners to have some fun, learn new vocabulary, and learn about the culture behind this date.

Learning a language cannot be done independently from the culture that is attached to it. Furthermore, when students are exposed to cultural events, their interest in the language often rises.

Whether you are teaching in an English speaking country or not, you can bring Halloween to your class regardless of age group you are teaching.   Here are some ideas for a lesson that your students will most certainly remember.

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TESOL Classroom Management: Cooperative Learning Activities

Cooperative ESL Activities Classroom ManagementCooperative learning activities help ESL students to interact more with other students and allow teachers to witness their learning. Communicating and collaborating with their peers allows students to participate more by using the language in lower-risk situations where they do not feel they are being evaluated.

Many experts recommend cooperative learning activities to provide opportunities for English language learners to practice using English and to receive feedback that promotes language acquisition. By focusing on the process as well as the product of group work, cooperative learning also enables students to work effectively with others from various cultural backgrounds and English ability levels, to develop friendships that might not happen otherwise, and to experience the satisfaction of helping others.

Cooperative learning is an essential strategy that gives students the best opportunities to use the language and practice what they are learning. The following activities are carefully structured to promote purposeful talk and collaboration:

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7 Activities for Teaching English with Movies, TV Shows, and Online Videos

Teaching English with movies Teach English with video! Use video to teach any topic to students of all ages. Videos are one of the richest authentic materials because of the context, visuals, sounds, and variety of themes they provide. This free article will look at seven ESL activities and tasks that students can complete before, during, and after watching a video.

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TESOL Activity: Dictogloss

Are you looking for an activity that involves multiple skills, can be done in small groups and encourages students to paraphrase and recycle their vocabulary and grammar? Dictogloss may be just what you need.

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No Prep/Low Prep ESL Activities

Having some ESL activities ready to use at a moment’s notice can help you feel more relaxed in the classroom. No matter how experienced you are as a teacher, there are always those days when things just don’t seem to work out as planned. Here are a few suggestions for some low-prep materials that you can use again and again:

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TESOL Icebreaker: Handshakes

Icebreaker ESL ActivityThere are many excellent icebreaker activities and game ideas for those first class meetings.  Sometimes, though, a simple handshake can be a very good way to quickly build rapport and capture the interest of your students from the very first class.

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TESOL: Games in The Classroom

ESL games bringing games in the ESL classBringing games into an ESL lesson can be an effective way to engage and motivate students in the sometimes less than exciting task of language learning.  There are some excellent resources for language games in TESOL textbooks, in ESL course books, and on internet sites. Many students and teachers enjoy games in the classroom, but does fun mean that games are always a good activity to include when planning instruction?  When are games appropriate?  Are there times when games aren’t appropriate?

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