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Giving Effective Feedback in ESL Speaking Classes

For many ESL students, the most significant skill to learn is speaking. Although they would agree that writing, listening, and reading are all important, nothing demonstrates your mastery of a language like the ability to speak fluently. As such, speaking-focused classes are becoming increasingly popular for ESL students, especially those living in Asia. From the […]

TEYL Tips: Using PowerPoint To Teach English to Young Learners

Let’s be honest, PowerPoint is often overused in the ESL industry and can be a forgettable aspect of many lessons. However, it is a powerful tool for creating interest or for emphasizing important lesson elements, especially for young learners. Below is a list of tips and topics where PowerPoint can be especially useful in the […]

Cultural Activities to Engage Young Learners In South Korea

While teaching abroad, you may notice that your foreign identity becomes a large part of your teaching identity, especially to your students. This part of teaching abroad is mostly unavoidable, but it can be really helpful in the classroom. Younger students, in particular, will likely have little experience communicating with a native English speaker. In […]