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4 Ways To Be Culturally Sensitive In The ESL Classroom

Cultural sensitivity is something that is extremely beneficial when teaching to different cultures. When teaching English, the importance of cultural sensitivity becomes even greater. Being a culturally sensitive teacher is to learn about and understand your students’ cultural backgrounds. In doing so,  teachers improve the classroom experience, help increase the students’ level of English fluency and […]

TESOL Teacher in Madagascar: Using Authentic Material in the ESL Classroom

The use of authentic material in the classroom can boost a student’s confidence and introduce them to real life language, all while supplementing the text.  Authentic material can bridge the gap between classroom language and real life language. It brings genuine and realistic linguistic situations and material right into the classroom setting. Jessica Whitehorne is […]

Supplementing The ESL Textbook in Madagascar

I have been teaching English for over 2 years in north-western Madagascar. It was here where I was hired by a large aquaculture company to implement an English training program for their 900 employees. I also work directly with the people and children in the neighbouring village with a foundation named Fondation Ecole de Félix. […]