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7 Tips for Managing Online ESL Group Classes

Some people may associate online ESL classes with one-on-one tutoring, but group classes are also a thing. Online group classes are an effective way to capitalize on time and finances, so some online ESL companies offer them. Group classes can be anywhere from three to eight class members or more. But you may be more […]

3 Important Considerations Before Teaching English Online

Teaching ESL is growing tremendously. In terms of ESL learners in China alone, one study shows that 100,000 English teachers are needed there; countries such as South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, and Italy are also following in demand. The British Council estimates that there are approximately 1.125 billion English as foreign or second language speakers. […]

7 Speaking Tips for Online ESL Teachers

With the boom of online ESL teaching, a lot of companies are looking for qualified ESL teachers. While some teachers are excellent in the traditional classroom, they may find it a little awkward at first teaching in an online setting. There are a few tricks of the trade that you can either learn beforehand or […]

Teacher Courtesy in the ESL Classroom

Teachers aren’t always the most courteous of speakers. We use commanding statements such as, “wrong answer,” “don’t say it like that, say it like this,” and “turn to page 33 in your textbook.” However, we should remember that much of what we teach is caught not taught. As ESL teachers, we’re modelling speech, so when […]

Prescriptive vs. Descriptive Language Teaching

 Although the ESL industry has been around for a long time, it’s still a work in progress. As research develops, we learn more about what TESOL methods best facilitate language acquisition processes. However, until now, there’s a teaching practice that tends to hinder free expression of learners and may hinder fluency development. It’s a tendency […]