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Teaching Elderly Students in Online ESL Classes

With so much emphasis in the ESL industry on teaching young learners. It might be time for us to consider teaching older people. They may not always be the students we want to teach, but they are still customers just the same. And, they’re still fellow humans with hopes, dreams and aspirations. So, if we’re […]

How to Manage IELTS Speaking Classes

The International English Language Testing System, otherwise known as the IELTS is one of, if not the most popular English proficiency test out there. As such, it’s a common lesson among university and adult ESL learners who want to live, study, or work abroad. The IELTS consists of four sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

An Introduction Activity to Teach Beginners

There’s a common difficulty I’ve encountered among language learners around the world, at various levels, and with different backgrounds—the hardship of introducing themselves. You might be surprised how many people cannot introduce themselves in a concise, coherent manner. It’s not limited to lower-level language learners either. Higher-level learners struggle with this at times and even […]

How to Teach All-Day ESL Classes

Once in a blue moon (or more) you may be tasked to teach the same group of ESL learners all day. It might not happen very often, but it does happen. For example, I taught a daily six-hour program at the Samsung Corporation in South Korea for three years. The class members enrolled for a […]

5 Ways To Help ESL Learners To Think In English

Learning to think in English develops increased fluency for language learners. However, we might want to keep in mind that using the L1 (the learner’s first language) to interpret the L2 (the second or other language) is a normal part of second language acquisition. In fact, this is one method for interpreting the level of […]

5 Ways to Help ESL Learners Acquire Complex Language

When teaching English, there will likely be times when you encounter difficulties helping learners understand complex ideas. For example, how can you help them understand something written in a health report like “increased risk of cardiovascular disease is a complication of smoking”? When you look at your class members and see blank stares, it may […]