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Using Songs to Teach English to Young Learners

Songs are a great way to use Authentic Material in the ESL classroom! Teaching English with songs is exciting for young learners because songs are often engaging and fun. Below you will find 3 reasons to teach English with songs. This blog includes a video sample of a teacher from China who uses songs in […]

7 Communicative Activities for EPIK Classes in South Korea

Curriculum classes in the EPIK program will likely have 20-30 students, a mixed ranged of English proficiency, and limited space for desk rearrangement/movement.  NETs are encouraged to supplement and/or replace textbook activities with their own, while bearing the following in mind: The practice stage has students working as a class or in large groups, and […]

Planning for Low Level k-8 Curriculum Classes in South Korea

Curriculum classes in South Korea consist of approximately 20-30 students, and generally have the homeroom teacher as the NET’s co-teacher.  These classes are all larger in size, limited in space (for movement), include a mix of students with varying proficiency and interest in English, and are relatively short (40 minutes). EPIK and Talk teachers in […]

TESOL: Using Songs with Adult Learners

Why teach English with songs? Songs are an excellent tool for learning English while having fun. They can be used to learn or practice the target language in a motivating and enjoyable way. Many teachers think that using songs in the classroom is only for young learners, or as a means for motivating teens. While […]

Production Stage: Supplementing the Grade 6 Cheonjae Textbook with Authentic Material

Authentic materials are just as useful in the production stage as they are in the presentation stage of an ESL lesson. Incorporating these materials into your lessons will not only generate interest in the material, but will also facilitate interaction between the textbook and real-life situations. This is important for learning, as it requires students […]