20+ New TESOL Jobs in Latin America!

Today we posted 20+ new TESOL jobs from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico! Access the job board from your student account. If you completed your TESOL course at OnTESOL and your account is no longer active, contact us via the inquiry form to receive access to the job ads.

Finding a teaching job in Latin America is more difficult than in other regions because few language schools advertise new positions on TESOL job boards and even fewer schools pay recruitment agencies to find qualified teachers for them. Moreover, most language schools from Latin America prefer to hire teachers who have already gone through the trouble and expense of getting to the country.

In an effort to help our TESOL graduates find jobs quicker in Latin America, OnTESOL hired a new HR specialist to assemble more resources and job ads from the region.

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information and resources!