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How to Use the Board at Different Stages of a Communicative Lesson

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Using the board in a communicative ESL lessonThe board remains one of the most useful tools for teaching English. In this article, you will learn how to use the board in a communicative lesson!


September 29, 2014

Using the Board in the ESL Classroom

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Using the board in the ESL classroomAlthough there are numerous visual aids that the modern ESL teacher can use in the classroom (Smart Whiteboards, overhead projectors, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), the board is still an effective and valuable teaching tool that can be used in many different ways at different stages in a lesson. Even in classes where the teacher uses a PowerPoint presentation or any other type of technology, there could be a need for jotting down some words on the spot to show spelling or pronunciation, or simply for underlining some key concepts on the board.


August 12, 2014

Role-Play Texting as an Authentic Reading and Writing ESL Activity

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Texting ESL activity teaching writing skills and teaching reading skillsWhether you love text messaging or hate it, text messaging is an authentic and common mode of communication. Text messaging is a perfect example of using an authentic activity to teach reading and writing skills; it gets students using their second language for specific communicative functions based on real world needs. Here is a look at how texting can be used in the ESL classroom:


August 1, 2014

Lower Levels: Teaching Speaking Skills with Roundtable Role-Play Discussions

Lower Levels ESL teaching speaking skills activityTeaching speaking skills is not easy with lower levels. Unless you are working with a highly motivated group of students, it can be challenging to get good discussions going. With planning and clearly defined roles, discussions can be very successful for a speaking skills lesson with lower levels.


July 9, 2014

Strategies and Techniques for Teaching Writing Skills

Brainstorming Strategies – Teaching Writing Skills

Teach Writing Skills Effectively with these tipsIn the first stage of the composing process, students must generate vocabulary and ideas on the topic of the activity or lesson. This is not only a writing skills strategy; it is what is called building schema: mental pictures of concepts -the terms we need to be able to think, talk about and write on a subject-. In our native language, we consciously and subconsciously accumulate a huge storage bank of topics which have gone into long-term memory and bring them to use subconsciously when we communicate. When we try to function in a second language, we also need these ‘banks’ of concepts to be able to produce our second language with any degree of fluency.


July 4, 2014

5 Quick Ways to Start an English Conversation Class

Teaching English Conversation - strategies for teaching English ConversationWhile the best English conversation lessons are always those that you give planning and consideration to, sometimes you might sense the need to incorporate impromptu discussion activities into your classes. When you are looking to set up some spontaneous conversation, here are five techniques that work well.


June 16, 2014

How to Encourage a Great Discussion in an English Conversation Class

Teaching English Conversation Class with great discussionsTeaching an English Conversation class is about teaching interpersonal communication skills.  English Conversation teachers can incorporate the following steps to encourage a great class discussion that helps students develop their skills and feel confident during a conversation:


June 12, 2014

Teaching Writing Skills in Exam Preparation Courses: Attacking the Question and Brainstorming

Teaching writing skills for Academic Writing Exam PreparationExam-focused, academic writing courses usually focus on writing paragraphs, letters, reports and essays. Students are graded on mechanical errors, language used, staying on topic, organization, cohesion, unity, and other stylistic concerns.

Learning how to improve writing skills for exams is just as you would train for any competition, so you need to help students develop tools and techniques for them to write effectively and efficiently when under pressure.


June 11, 2014

English Conversation Starters: Integrating Speaking Skills With Grammar

Teaching English Conversation class with grammar‘Ask me about’ is a great English conversation activity that integrates grammar. Just give students prompts and ask them to list key words that relate to these topics.  The activity can target different grammatical elements, cover a variety of linguistic aims and can be used with most levels, ages and large groups. It is also easy to set up and the only aids required are for each student to have a piece of paper and a pen. This simple activity can be used as a warmer, an ice-breaker, or as a productive speaking activity at the end of a grammar lesson.

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June 2, 2014

Teaching Vocabulary with Dictionaries: Frameworks, Levels, and Activities

How to Improve English Vocabulary with DictionariesIt can be difficult figuring out how to help students improve their English vocabulary once they have become good friends with dictionaries, and have learned to use them as a valuable resource. In this article you will find more English vocabulary games, activities and assignments to challenge your students further.


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