5 Fun Activities for Teaching Vocabulary

Fun vocabulary activitiesTypical native speakers of English have an active vocabulary of somewhere in the region of 20,000 words. For someone learning the language, this figure can sound extremely intimidating, as becoming fluent requires knowing many, many words. Consequently, helping our students acquire vocabulary items is a vital part of teaching. So, how do we do this? If you can keep in mind word grouping, the way that our brains categorize things, context, viewing words as conveyors of meaning in particular situations, and styles of learning, the way in which your students take in new information, you’re on the way to success. The following activities take these factors into account, but are also fun and motivating ways to develop vocabulary knowledge in the classroom.

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How to Teach English Grammar with Songs!

How to teach grammar with songsThe average teacher thinks that songs are just useful for having some fun in class. Some teachers use a fill-in-the-blanks activity to practice listening comprehension skills, but then they go back to the boring textbook for the grammar lesson. When you know how to create lesson plans using the Communicative Approach, songs can completely replace the textbook! In a fully integrated lesson, students go through the natural language acquisition processes as they learn the grammar point in context and are able to practice and produce the grammar point with communicative activities. In this article, I will use a full grammar lesson plan to show you how to teach English with songs.

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How to Teach Business English: An Introduction

How to teach Business EnglishIn some countries, Business English teachers earn up to $100 per hour. Many teachers want to enter this lucrative sector in the TESOL industry, but they don’t because they think that experience in business is required to teach Business English. The answer is no! You don’t need experience in business to teach Business English! Teaching Business English is about teaching processes and communication skills. In this article, you will learn about the teaching methods and activities that work best in a Business English class.

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Golden Rules to Creating TESOL Worksheets

How to Create TESOL worksheetsThere are many things to consider when making our own materials for TESOL classes. The physical appearance of our material is important, as are our instructions. What’s more, we should also think about the importance of context, as well as incorporating learner training into our worksheets. Nevertheless, we can often boil the process of making a great worksheet down to the following two-stage process. Using these guiding questions, you will be able to create a worksheet that does more than simply fill time in class or merely consolidate whatever language point you’ve covered.

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How Licensed Teachers Benefit From a TESOL Certificate

TESOL certificate for licensed teachers A teaching license or a degree in Education will put you ahead in some teach abroad programs, especially in public school programs such as ADEC in the United Arab Emirates, NETs in Hong Kong, and EPIK in South Korea; however, a TESOL certificate is recommended for licensed teachers who want to teach English abroad and many employers often ask licensed teachers to upgrade their credentials to qualify for higher wages. This is because TESOL is a very specific subject and the methods used in the English classroom are not learned in a degree in Education. This article will explain more about the lesson planning formats, the teaching methods, and other topics licensed teachers would learn in a TESOL certificate course.

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Authentic Material in TESOL: Giving Clear Instructions and Incorporating Flexibility

Giving instructions in authentic TESOL materialWhen we develop supplementary TESOL material, our intentions are that it will work well and be appreciated by those who use it, namely teachers and learners. However, if we want to avoid unnecessary complications further down the line, it’s critical that we consider our rationale for designing the materials we want to create from the very outset. One simple but effective way is to reflect on the three ‘Cs’: concepts, contents and customers. In other words:

  • What is the main objective that we want to achieve (the concept)?
  • What kind of activities will help us achieve this objective (the content)?
  • Who are our learners and what will please them (the customers)?

The three Cs are a good starting framework for all materials production. There are however, other considerations for those of us who are looking to develop TESOL resources of a truly high quality, such as the roles of context, authenticity and physical appearance. This post highlights two of these factors, namely the importance of giving clear instructions and incorporating flexibility into your materials design.

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3 Reasons to Get Advanced TESOL Certification with OnTESOL

TESOL certification guide for teaching English worldwideAn advanced TESOL certification course is recommended for teachers who want to teach English abroad and be eligible to work anywhere in the world, including native-speaking countries such as Canada, the United States, England, and Australia. Here are 3 reasons why you should take your TESOL certification with OnTESOL:

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Time-Saving Tips for Preparing TESOL Lesson Plans

TESOL Lesson Planning TipsPreparing TESOL lesson plans can turn into a teacher’s least favourite past-time. Some of the tips below seem to be little more than common sense, but when time becomes scarce we find ourselves cutting corners and taking care of immediate needs (such as photocopying or marking the latest quiz we gave our students) and we end up having less time to devote to lesson planning and preparation. This, in turn, makes certain small tasks more cumbersome and, before we know it, lesson planning  becomes a black hole that consumes more and more of our time. If the following tips are followed consistently, lesson planning will become natural to you and take less and less time as you become an experienced teacher.

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Replacing the Textbook: The Importance of Durable and Reproducible Authentic TESL Material

Authentic TESL material and coursesOne of the most important decisions we face in our TESL careers is whether or not to supplement our courses with self-made TESL materials. The notable advantages, like being able to tailor our resource to specific contexts, don’t negate challenges, such as the need to organize and store your new materials carefully. At the end of the day, it’s up to us weigh up the benefits and costs of designing teaching materials and make their own decision as to whether it is worth our time and effort. In this article, I will how you how to make your material durable and reproducible.

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How to Make Your TESOL Material Look Impressive and User-Friendly

TESOL materials For those of us who decide to take the plunge and develop our own TESOL worksheets, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. In addition to issues such as authenticity and the importance of contextualization, one factor that we must never forget is the physical appearance of our material. Given that the criteria for evaluating course books frequently include reference to the ‘look’ and the ‘feel’ of the resource, it seems that such criteria that are also pertinent to materials that we design ourselves. This post examines the most important factors in producing an appealing piece of work that your learners will love.

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